New Alresford Town Trust


The Trust has a responsibility to preserve historical documents relating to its activities and interests. There are currently hundreds of documents held at the Hampshire Records Office in Winchester, which are available to view by appointment.

The Trustees have custodianship of two 18th Century staffs which would have been part of the Town's early equipment held by the bailiff and burgesses. These staffs are on display in the Museum.

Reproduced below are two documents from the Hampshire Record Office with parts of the document shown in clear text. A complete list of the Town Trusts documents held at the recorde office is listed here.

This page of 1660s entries begins:

June the 22th 1665:

Will[iam] Bradley was then sworne by the Lord Bishops Officer to execute the Officr of Bayliffe for this years p[rese]nce of Will[iam] Hodson Richard Shackleford Thomas Drew Jacob Russell Will[iam] Langley (Burg[esses])

The second paragraph is in Latin - then reverts to English for the subsequent entries.

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This page is headed 'A booke of the records belonging to the borrough...'

The second main paragraph reads:

memorand[um] it is agreed & granted unto Thomas Street the younger that the said Thomas Street should have use &enjoye the settinge out of his signe Post beeinge an Incroachment upon the street paying yearlye unto the Baylife and his successors Baylifes of this Borrow at the Feast of S'Michaell Th'arcangell fower pence Dated the xviith of Octob[er] 1642 Thomas Streete